Industrial Pressure Gauge Supplier

We are a foremost supplier, trader & exporter of CE approved and full safety pattern (EN387-1) Industrial Pressure Gauge, based in Gujarat, India.

This industrial pressure gauge is specifically designed pressure gauge by owing the requirement of accuracy for the industrial application as well as industrial operational environment. This industrial pressure gauge is resembled to that liquid filled pressure gauge, wherein the liquid is filled in order to reduce the vibration and pulsation in the processing and thus delivering the accurate reading, which is crucial in order to prevent any hazardous all through the processing. This industrial pressure gauge has proven its potency in several industries and is applauded for the same by the clientele.

Industrial Pressure Gauge Supplier

We as a supplier, trader and exporter of this industrial pressure gauge have done a thorough research on the same and have associated with the one of the reputed manufacturer of this industrial gauge supplier in order to ensure the safety, accuracy and reliability of the product. Further, we specially have housed a team of quality experts who performs several tests on the gauge former to the final association with the respective manufacturer. The offered industrial pressure gauge has proved its worth on the quality material, longevity as well as accuracy and is acclaimed for the same in the certain industries.

We as a trader, supplier and exporter of this industrial pressure gauge give affirmation for interruption free performance even in the inclined temperature conditions as well as corrosive environments. This range of the industrial pressure gauge is easy to install regardless of the space issue and provides clear vision, even from the far distance, in which the liquid filled in the pressure gauge decreases the intensity of the vibration and pulsation thus helps get the most accurate reading. Furthermore, this liquid protects the pressure elements inside the gauge from the corrosive liquid too.

The offered industrial pressure gauge is stored in the extensive specification by owing the variegated requirement of the diversified industries, suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous or non obstructs the pressure system The outer parts of this industrial pressure gauge is constructed from the finest quality stainless steel material that has considerable resistance to the corrosion, whereas in order to ensure the clear and accurate vision of the reading, the dial is made of the pure and clear plain glass or safety glass.  Due to its unmatched results is highly used in the industries incorporating Chemical / Petrochemical, Pow er Station, Mining, on and off shone, environmental technology, mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Principle options available in Industrial Pressure Gauge:

Dial Pointer Accuracy
4” (100 mm.), 6” (150 mm.), 8” (200 mm.), white aluminum, Black aluminum, fixed or adjustable. Wid e selection of connections and pressure ranges. Crimped ring or bayonet bezel. 4”, 6”, & 8” : ± 1.0% (± 1.6% with filling).

Technical side of the Industrial Pressure Gauge:

Nominal Size (mm) 40,50,63,80,100,150 ,250
Scale Range 0.. V acuum to 700 kg/cm2 & above on request
Accuracy in FSD 1%
Thread Connection 1/8″ , 1/4″, 3/8″, ½ ” BSP & NPT, M-10, M-12, M-20
Mounting of Gauge Bottom, Surface, Back, Panel with 3 holes, Panel with bracke
Case and Bezel Drawn steel, SS 304
Pressure Elements Bourdon Tube
Diaphragm Nil
Wetted Parts Brass, SS 304 and other material on request
Optional Liquid Filled
Lens Material Glass Or Acrylic

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